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Renske Herder - Oil on canvas  70 x 100 cm



Renske Herder is a Dutch visual artist and designer born in Leeuwarden (1986). Originally Renske is graduated as MSc in Industrial Design Engineer at the University of Twente. In the years 2013/2014 she lived on the Caribbean island Bonaire and this place had the perfect conditions to make her start painting on a regular basis. Her style of painting back then was inspired by the tropical environment and the sunny surf life. Allthough it was a very successful and happy time she felt the need to go back to The Netherlands. To add a professional art education on top of the design degree Renske started at the Art School of Leeuwarden. She currently also works in a traditional Dutch ceramics workshop where they still practice the Majolica technique as a ‘plate painter’. 



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Renske Herder - Oil on canvas  50x80 cm




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